Local(ish) bandleaders strip down for a night of solo sets

At its best, a stripped-down, acoustic version of a song can reveal something new and profound — something that may have been previously obscured by distortion or drums or a grumpy sound guy. To make the skeletal, so-called unplugged version work, though, the original song has to be a winner, and on Saturday, June 10, the Big Room Bar is hosting a slate of Ohio songwriters known for #winning.

Lizard McGee of Earwig just released Spooky Jets at a Distance, a solo acoustic take on last year's excellent Pause for the Jets; he'll play this bare-bones set before heading to the UK for a short solo tour. Cincinnati's Chuck Cleaver is best known for his work in the Ass Ponys and Wussy, a band that has yet to release a weak rock record. Sue Harshe of Fort Shame and Scrawl is a seasoned performer and songwriter who hasn't lost her edge. A solo Kyle Sowash is a rare thing and a great way to listen close to some of those Kyle Sowashes songs that are probably funnier than you remember. Kyle Melton of Smug Brothers is no stranger to a lo-fi setup; Guided by Voices fans take note. (Don't miss it)