Rumblings from the alternative Pride party might be felt on the Scioto Mile

With the Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade relocating from Goodale Park to the Scioto Mile, riverside revelers are now practically close enough to feel the rumblings emanating from Beefquake, an alternative Pride party set to take place at the 400 W. Rich St. Pavilion on Friday, June 16.

Last year, nearly 700 turned out to catch Bearcat, a number that could grow with the presence of 2017 headliner Mister Wallace, a Chicago-born, New York-based rapper/DJ whose debut EP Faggot caught national attention behind songs such as “It Girl.” “Have you seen me in the magazine?” the musician raps as the song kicks off, rhyming atop a glossy backing track that mimics the feel of a digital arcade operating at full tilt. (Also, to answer the question, yes. Mister Wallace turned up in features in music mags such as The Fader.) NYC DJ Anthony Dicap kicks off the proceedings, which begin late (10 p.m.) and run until even later (???), so there's plenty of time to swing by after action ends on the Scioto.