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Amandda Leigh Tirey exhibition opens at Cultural Arts Center

Tirey called space and blood the “main characters” in her “of space and blood” exhibition, which is now hanging at the Cultural Arts Center. Asked if her use of the term “characters” implied that there is also a story, Tirey replied in the affirmative. “Yeah, there’s a story, and I want everyone to stand in front of a painting and try to figure it out,” she said. “I can suggest with titles, but I’d rather someone just take it for what they want it to be [and] what it invokes in their imagination [and] tell me what the story is in each painting.”

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Local trio Van Dale at Used Kids Records

In conversation with power trio Van Dale at Dick’s Den, the following items were dubbed “so Dale” by singer/bassist Joe Camerlengo and drummer Tim Horak: Miller High Life; cockroaches in the wall; a slightly busted microwave that takes twice as long to heat a burrito, and yet the burrito is still worth it; a man who greets earth’s immolation with a shrug. Dale can also be a state of mind. “Tom Petty’s attitude is very Dale,” Horak said. Van dale’s new Of the Valley II is actually a personal record. The sludge-y guitars and layers of fuzz remain, but Horak provided Camerlengo with conceptual writing prompts that correlate directly to a dark period in his life.

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“The Waiting Room” exhibition at Urban Arts Space

Born of a combination of fascination and boredom, this exhibition of work by Jim Rubino, subtitled “Reenactments from a Life,” features items found in and around the artist’s studio and home — an instillation mechanized and synchronized in recurring one-hour “performances.” Four years in the making, “The Waiting Room” features more than 150 of these mechanized objects.

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