Three photographers present their unique takes on portrait work

Ten subjects, each captured by three different photographers.

That's the concept behind “Ten by Three: A Badass Portrait Series,” co-presented by Creative Babes and Wild Goose Creative. The collection, which opens Saturday, Aug. 5 at Wild Goose and continues through the month, reveals the unique approach of each of the photographers: Megan Leigh Barnard, Allie Lehman and Autumn Theodore.

“[We] were all doing separate portrait projects to stretch our creative legs and thought it would be a really fun experience to photograph the same 10 people in our own unique way,” Barnard said.

Theodore's portraits feature experimentation with colored lights and flashes, with a different lighting setup for each of the 10 women. Lehman, also a painter, looked to create works that wed a painted style to her portraits. Barnard's portraits are inspired by her interaction with each woman in their home.