You won't find Phil Collins on this list #NoJacketRequired

With My Morning Jacket visiting Express Live on Thursday, Aug. 10, we thought we'd revisit some other jackets immortalized in pop culture.

Fonzie's leather jacket

I'd bet most people my age can identify the charming “Happy Days” character by his signature leather jacket. I'd bet some people my age know the Fonz inspired the “jump the shark” term applied to television shows that have worn out their welcome. I'd bet no people my age know network censors required that the character wear a more “wholesome” white windbreaker in some early episodes (thanks, Wikipedia).

Michael Jackson's “Thriller” jacket

MJ had a thing for jackets: The red, zippered “Beat It” jacket, the black, buckled “Bad” jacket and the myriad suit jackets with arm bands. However, the red-and-black leather “Thriller” jacket is perhaps his most iconic.

Members Only

The company utilized both the Gatlin brothers and footage of Hitler for its advertisements.

Ryan Gosling's Scorpion jacket

I was told the actor wore this jacket in a movie called “Drive.” I did not look for further information as I don't want to ruin the film for myself.

“Full Metal Jacket”

The Stanley Kubrick-directed Vietnam War movie is ranked at number 95 on the American Film Institute's list of 100 most thrilling American films of all time.

The Pink Ladies' jackets

About 25 years before Lindsay Lohan's mean-girl antagonists decided to wear pink on Wednesdays, the Pink Ladies of “Grease” ruled high school.

Bubble Goose down jacket

Both Biggie Smalls and Wyclef Jean painted dark scenarios around the down jacket I once begged my mom to buy for me.

Ash Ketchem's blue jacket

Thanks to “Pokemon Go,” the animated character and his fashion choices live on for another generation.

Axel Foley's Detroit Lions jacket

Worn by Eddie Murphy's character in the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise, which I will continue to confuse with the “48 Hrs” franchise.

Carmen Sandiego's red coat

Yes, we are venturing into coat territory, but I loved that CD-ROM game.

Inspector Gadget's coat

Because I can't mention one famous trench coat and not the other.