The new class

Landing on a new crop of Alive People to Watch is never an easy task. Each year, the city grows a little bit more, new businesses are launched, and new social and political issues bubble to the fore, requiring new ideas from new leaders.

Or, as with David All, one of eight in the 2017 People to Watch class, fresh ideas from former wunderkinds who have discovered new avenues in which to invest their particular skillsets. In All's case, he's moved on from partisan politics (“These articles had come out calling me Karl Rove 2.0 and the most evil person on the internet,” he said) into public health, exploring “recovery deserts” as a means of addressing the opioid crisis.

Elsewhere, the class of 2017 is influencing city-wide policies (Jaiza Page), confronting food inequality (Max Slater), elevating poetry to the national stage (Barbara Fant) and launching new restaurant ventures that should have diners buzzing in 2018 (Catie Randazzo). Read on to see how this year's People to Watch are working to shape the future of the city.