Columbus-shot film receives its local premiere

In the trailer for “Poster Grrl,” Alex (Danielle Talbott) does drugs, takes long pulls from various whiskey and vodka bottles and navigates group therapy sessions while drifting in and out of consciousness. “Here's to nothingness,” she toasts.

Shot in Columbus, the short film — the first from local independent filmmaker group Fringe Life — explores the issue of addiction, sexual abuse and homelessness, among other difficult-to-discuss topics (perhaps unsurprisingly, aspects of the trailer give off a strong “Requiem for a Dream” vibe). Writer and co-director Chelsea Anders based the movie on her experiences living on the streets in her 20s, according to a press release, and that realism bleeds over into the trailer, which eschews crisp images and static camera placement in favor of a gritty documentary feel complete with handheld cameras and grainy, home movie-esque vignettes.

The screening takes place at the Gateway Film Center on Saturday, Aug. 5, and admission is free.