West Virginia band explores boogers, Wendy's trash cans on new album

For fans of power-pop punk, it's a good time to be alive. The kids who once sang along to “My Name is Jonas” in their bedrooms now have their own bands. Just across the state line in West Virginia, Jordan Hudkins may well have been one of those teens, and his band Rozwell Kid's new record, Precious Art, is the songwriter's best batch of guitar-driven sing-alongs yet.

There's a Van Dale-like numbness to Precious Art as Hudkins navigates the malaise of everyday existence. “Where will I park the van?” he sings on “South By,” a harmony-drenched, Brian Wilson-inspired piano ditty that fades out before the one-minute mark. And on “MadTV,” Hudkins watches TV with the sound off and notices his neighbor step outside for a smoke; “Wind it up and do it all again,” he sings with a sigh.

Without the big guitars and hooks, these observational songs may sound depressing, but in context, they're quirky, funny and supremely relatable.