San Diego resident still feels a deep connection to his Ohio home

Ohio native Ill Poetic is an MC/producer/artist currently based in San Diego, California. He recently worked as sound designer for the movie "Poster Grrl," an indie film created and shot in Columbus by his friends at Fringe Life. The film debuts on Saturday, Aug. 5 at the Gateway Film Center. The free screening takes place at 7 p.m. Though Ill Po won't be there to see the film on the big screen, he will be back in town for an October performance to mark the release of his new album. Here are a few things he loves.


I help run a San Diego record shop, Beat Box Records (owned by Columbus native DJ Inform). I've been crate-digging for years, but the record store has deepened my appreciation for vinyl tenfold and opened me up to albums and genres I'd been sleeping on. I'm currently deep into experimental jazz-fusion joints like Miles Davis' Agharta and Herbie Hancock's Sextant.

Barrio Logan

Barrio Logan is the San Diego neighborhood in which our record shop sits. Barrio is the heart of Chicano (Mexican-American) culture in San Diego. Never in my life have I lived in or even visited a community with so much pride and connection to their art, music and culture. From Chicano Park, which turned the huge underbelly of an interstate highway built over the park into a vibrant series of historical murals (recently named a national landmark), to La Vuelta Low-Rider Wednesdays through Logan Avenue, this is hands-down my favorite place in the city.

Rhythm Roulette

This is a YouTube video series where the site Mass Appeal blindfolds producers, sends them into a record store to pick up random records and then follows them back to their studio to produce something on the spot. They pick a wide array of producers and the results are usually pretty amazing.

“Super Duty Tough Work” podcast

One way I enjoy staying connected to Ohio is listening to “Super Duty Tough Work,” a podcast hosted by Columbus natives Blueprint and Illogic. I came up in the Ohio music scene as a fan of each of these artists, and always look forward to their weekly riffs. The podcast is hilarious and thoughtful, and it keeps me from feeling disconnected from Ohio.

Nes Wordz

Another Columbus shout-out. I felt (and still feel) the shockwaves of Nes' passing, just like everyone else. I go back and listen to my favorite songs of his way more now, which is bittersweet. I found some promo CDs of Stupid Genius he gave me for my move out to Cali. I get to pass them off to kids who come to the record shop who I think would genuinely appreciate him, and then I spend at least 15 minutes trying to explain what it was like to see him rock live.