Locals craft smart guitar pop akin to Built to Spill minus the dull parts

You will have to take the liner notes on the band's honor, as She Bears' Great Lakes Tidal Wave was not recorded at Workbook Studio at the turn of the century.

It is unfair to stretch back that far for the sake of hallowed local references, especially given that the quartet were still into stickball and Kick the Can back when the likes of Pretty Mighty Mighty and Miranda Sound were the local contributions to the world of sweetly noisy and noisily sweet guitar pop. Not that She Bears are mired in the sounds of yesteryear. Smart young men with their hearts on their sleeves and their guitars in their hands often sign a million Valentines just like this one in the hours spent crafting those three-and-a-half minute pop ditties, and She Bears is no different. Just a little smarter, maybe.

It is not unfair to say that She Bears sounds a lot like Built to Spill with all of the slow, boring parts cut out, as the band barely stops to take a breath. I would guess that Built to Spill is not the only contemporary to come up short, or the only other band that is jealous that She Bears got it right. (Don't miss it)