Candidates range from poets to pugilists

This weekend you can catch two screenings of “The Case of the Three Sided Dream,” a documentary on Columbus jazz legend Rahsaan Roland Kirk. What other Columbus icons deserve the documentary treatment? Read on below.

Scott Woods

Title: “Just Create Harder”

Woods' eight 24-hour solo poetry readings would provide enough interesting content for a documentary (seriously, how did he do this?), but the published author has accomplished so much more. In addition to hosting the weekly “Writers' Block Poetry Night” for approximately 20(!) years, he recently made history by curating 31 consecutive days of Columbus-based black arts events in March, a feat the city is still talking about — and begging him to repeat.

Alana Shock

Title: “The Death of Fine Dining”

While Columbus native and acclaimed chef Curtis Duffy's documentary “For Grace” chronicles the opening of his successful Chicago restaurant, Chef Alana Shock's doc might take a more modest — and cantankerous — turn. After running Alana's Food & Wine for 18 years, Shock and her husband, Kevin Bertschi, gave it all up to manage Sandusky Wine Merchant because, as she told Columbus Business First, “fine dining is dying.”

Nina West

Title: “Ru Who?”

Branding yourself a “super drag queen” is bold, but it's a fitting label for West, a longtime staple in the Columbus drag community. With a steady lineup of creative and elaborate shows, it's evident West truly loves the art form. And based on her charity work, you can tell her heart is as big as her talent. So does it really matter that she hasn't been cast on “RuPaul's Drag Race?”

Willie Phoenix

Title: “The Road to Eldorado's”

The blues-rock legend is not too cool to give up playing his beloved tavern Eldorado's (he visits again on Saturday, Sept. 2). He's got decades of experience; he's shared the stage with the likes of Muddy Waters and B.B. King; and he even had his own tribute band. How cool is that?

Jeni Britton Bauer

Title: “The Splendid Life”

Just when you thought everything had been done with ice cream (really, what new flavors can people come up with?), Bauer burst on the scene in 2002 with yummy concoctions featuring high-quality ingredients. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams now boasts dozens of scoop shops in eight cities. And Bauer has written the Bible on homemade ice cream (Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home), at least according to the Wall Street Journal.

James “Buster” Douglas

Title: “Punch-Out”

Whether coaching Columbus youth or leading the Doo Dah Parade, the legendary boxer is still very much revered by and accessible to his home city. Everyone knows he knocked out an undefeated Mike Tyson and took the heavyweight champion title in 1990. But they may not know Douglas' comeback story after slipping into a three-day diabetic coma years later.

Pheoris West

Title: “The Rising Spirit”

He's your favorite artist's favorite artist. West's vibrant artwork is literally built into city structures and celebrated internationally. However, he has given back to Columbus through decades of teaching at Ohio State. The documentary will cover his life and career before his 2016 stroke and his subsequent full recovery — which we are speaking into existence.