The longtime behind-the-scenes promoter on his live comedy debut and more

“Passion, skill and success have no age limit. In other words, you're never too old to try something new!”

This is the top advice self-described “made-from-scratch" entrepreneur Grant Gatsby gives to other artists. After launching Every Body Else's Entertainment — an independent music label, artist management company and event promoter — in 2004, Gatsby has decided to swan dive headfirst into acting and comedy. The first funny-test for Gatsby takes place on Wednesday, Aug. 23 at Backstage Bistro, during Hashtag Comedy's weekly improv show. He's also preparing to release his label's first, nationally distributed, self-financed, full-length LP, Family Trees: Totum, which should see daylight in 2018. Here are a couple things he loves.

The 614 hip-hop revival

Columbus has always had a strong hip-hop influence around the world, with artists from Soul Position, MHz and S.A. Smash to J. Rawls, Rashad and Mix Master Ice! For the continued success of hip-hop in our city, what's equally important to me is the next generation, from the performers to the artists behind the stage. MCs like Sam Rothstein, Hafrican, Nova, Senseless and Sarob have all carried the torch, collaborating with other upcoming Ohio artists, going on paid tours out of state, recording with producers overseas and making music with well-known, signed artists. Behind-the-scene artists like Josh Miller and Cole Baker started the all-ages 2x2 Hip-Hop Festival. Hip-hop dance teacher James Alexander started an all-ages breaking school, Flavor'd Flow Studios. The Columbus Dispatch big wigs love it so much we were invited to perform on Window on the World, a new, live online streaming series. Even a graffiti writer hangout has opened up in the Lookout Supply shop. Don't worry, Cbus, hip-hop willtake over.

Lights, Camera, Columbus

To me, a natural creative progression for any individual involved in music is acting in theater, TV or film. Performers like Blueprint and C10 have stepped into directing and acting, Print with the full-length, life-on-the-road documentary “King No Crown,” and C10 with a self-made music video.

Producer Danny Rogers recently started a film squad, Fringe Life, which made a music video for RJD2. The collective also just released the indie film Poster Grrrl with a premiere at the Gateway Film Center. Original DJ party thrower Marcus Meacham is now a full-time chef at Latitude 41 and has had his own cooking show, “Tastemade,” featured on an online TV network.

Engineer extraordinaire pRODUCT added filmography and photography to his endless creative resume. Co-founder of Columbus' Rock N' Roll Book club, he is a rarely seen, often-thought-mythical live-visual DJ! What is that exactly? Well, it's a live turntablist who incorporates visual media, all controlled at the same time by just his fingertips. If you're still confused, check him out at Independents' Day this September with the Worn Flints and more! Big screen, here we come.