From Leasure to Tuf and everyone in-between

With the Ohio State Buckeyes set to kick off a new season (check out our preview package), we thought we'd take a closer look at the current roster to rate select player names from least-to-most football-sounding.

Jordan Leasure

Leisure is great for strolls but keep it out of my football.

J.K. Dobbins

This one sounds like it could belong to a minor character in “Harry Potter.”

Drue Chrisman

If a wild animal wanted to adopt a fake name to convince people it was actually human, Drue Chrisman would be the ideal choice.

Michael Jordan

Right name, wrong sport.

Kevin Feder

The brief marriage to Britney Spears was quite the accomplishment, though.

Hayden Jester

The field is no place for a jokester.

Nick Conner

Nick Conner could be the mild-mannered alter ego of a less-celebrated Marvel superhero.

Kierre Hawkins

Or Hawk, as he's best known to his teammates (writer's note: this may or may not be true).

Clay Raterman

Maybe it's the Browns fan in me (sigh, I know), but it's impossible to hear the name Clay and not think hard-nosed football. Clay Matthews forever.

Alex Backenstoe

How can you go wrong with a last name that sounds like a type of heavy machinery?

Jerron Cage

This would also be a great MMA name.

Marcus Baugh

This Baugh doesn't break.

Demetrius Knox

Known as Fort Knox to his teammates (writer's note: again, this may or may not be true), this is a GREAT name for an offensive lineman, since he won't allow the opposition to penetrate his defenses.

Jake Hausmann

The tight end has a built-in awards campaign ready to go with “Hausmann for Heisman.”

J.T. Barrett

Maybe it's the legacy Barrett has developed on-field over the last three years, but it's difficult to hear “J.T.” and not immediately think of the pigskin.

Tuf Borland

Tuf. TUF! I mean, c'mon. Was there ever a doubt this guy would wind up playing football?

Munford Thayer

OK, so maybe Munford isn't *quite* on par with Tuf, but at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 325 pounds, are you going to argue with him? (Please don't hurt me.)