Mom and Dad of pop-country leave private island for another ginormous arena tour

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill married in 1996, and in 2000 the pop-country superstars embarked on their first joint tour, dubbed Soul2Soul. The tour marked the first performance at the brand-new Nationwide Arena. Seventeen years later, the couple, who now live with their three daughters on a 20-acre private island in the Bahamas, return to the arena for yet another incarnation of the Soul2Soul tour.

Together, McGraw and Hill have sold more than 60 million albums and are worth an estimated $145 million. In 2015 McGraw, who has also dabbled in Hollywood (see roles in “Friday Night Lights,” “The Blind Side”), released Damn Country Music — an album title that is far tougher than the actual songs. Hill, though, hasn't released a new studio record since the 2008 Christmas album Joy to the World. Hardcore fans probably won't care, but at this point, the two celebrities feel more like a living, breathing US Weekly cover than country musicians. (Think twice)