Annual art show raises funds for organization to support local artists and arts organizations

Set up by artist Robert Falcone in memory of his late wife, surgeon, artist and dedicated patron of the arts, Dr. Anne Miller, Annie's Fund has been awarding grants to artists and arts organizations for 18 years.

“She had a habit of ‘taking in strays,' and many of those were artists,” Falcone said.

For 15 of those years, part of the fundraising effort in support of the fund has been an exhibition at Lindsay Gallery in the Short North. Owner Duff Lindsay and Miller grew up together in Portsmouth, Ohio.

“It was easy to talk him into [doing] the show,” Falcone said.

This year's exhibition features Falcone paintings inspired by the work of ornithologist John Gould. “I've been struck by how fragile science has become in the last few years,” Falcone said. “Gould drew everything, and I was enamored with his hummingbirds and with their fragility.”

All proceeds from the show, which also features bottle cap art by John Taylor-Lehman, benefits Annie's Fund. The show continues through the end of the month, including this Saturday's Gallery Hop.