Four bands kiss summer goodbye with a fresh, locally sourced rock show

It's a bold move to book the Newport for a local show. Columbus bands have certainly packed the venue previously, but it takes the right combination of performers to bring out enough fans so that the music hall doesn't feel empty. Fingers crossed for this one.

Billed as the Big Squeeze, this summer-ending slate of locals features the Worn Flints, a rock trio that has been capitalizing on its good fortune ever since opening up for Alabama Shakes in 2015. It's also no coincidence the cover of the band's new record, Clementine, features a hand squeezing juice out of the album's namesake.

By this point, everyone should be familiar with EYE's doomy, progressive psych-metal, and Souther's Carly Fratianne has been winning over crowds since releasing debut EP Is For Lovers earlier this year.

Not only is power trio Mount Carmel still alive and kicking, the fuzz-rocking Siltbreeze alum's lineup now includes local treasure Nick Tolford on bass (guitarist Matt Reed and drummer James McCain remain).