The couple that watches trashy reality TV together stays together

Natalie and Dave Burkey are two married comedians. Like, to each other. Together, they have given birth to a beautiful baby boy and even more recently to a new comedy showcase at Kafe Kerouac. The showcase, "An Evening with the Burkeys," runs each first Friday of the month at 8 p.m. and offers up a diverse lineup of some of the best and brightest comedians from Columbus and beyond, as well as offering a glimpse inside the Burkeys' unique relationship. The next installment runs on Friday, Sept. 1.

Here are five things Natalie and Dave are loving right now.

Trashy reality TV

Must watch: “RuPaul's Drag Race,” MTV's “The Challenge” and “Survivor.”

Only watch with a bottle of wine open: “Toddlers & Tiaras,” “Dance Moms” and “Release the Hounds.”

Aab India

Natalie took Dave to have Indian food for the first time when he was devastatingly hung over. Against those odds, Aab India won him (a picky eater who didn't start eating vegetables until he was an adult) over. It is now a staple in their small stable of go-to restaurants.

Axis Night Club

Drag queens, unreasonably strong cocktails, dancing in a cage — oh, and all the gorgeous queer folks. What's not to love about Axis? Top five places in Columbus to make bad decisions. Hands down.

Having fake loud arguments in public

Exactly what this sounds like. You have not lived until you have made strangers uncomfortable in a crowded mall by having a loud, over-the-top, heated fight about absolutely nothing. The more strange the reason you are “fighting,” the better. Tears are a game-changer.

Disney World

After six short months of tumultuous dating, Natalie took Dave to Disney World and popped the question. To both of their surprise, Dave said yes. And now this adorable family of three is making a fall trek back to the “Happiest Place on Earth.”