Now I really want to see Christoph Waltz as Werner Herzog

James Franco stars as Tommy Wiseau in the just-released film “The Disaster Artist,” which details the creation of the director's cult classic, “The Room.” (Read Brad Keefe's review of “The Disaster Artist” on page 25.) With that in mind, we thought we'd take a look at some other movies that should be revisited on the big screen, along with a few people we'd like to see cast in starring roles.

“The Wizard of Oz”

The production, which was famously laden with mishaps (original Tin Man Buddy Ebsen dropped out due to allergies brought on by the silver paint makeup and the movie cycled through five directors and 14 writers, among other calamities), would make for an interesting behind-the-scenes telling.

Cast: Brazilian-American actress Lilla Crawford can actually sing (she debuted on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning “Billy Elliot”), making her a solid fit for the Judy Garland role.

“The Wicker Man” (2006)

Here's Nicolas Cage at his most deliriously unhinged. I'd buy a ticket today just to see the scene where the actor portraying Cage builds up to the climactic “NOT THE BEES! AGGHWHGHGH!” meltdown.

Cast: Edward Norton can completely lose himself in a role (see: “American History X”) and it would be fascinating to see him bring Cage to wild-eyed life.

“Battlefield Earth”

This is easily one of the worst movies ever made (and not the good-bad kind). Still, who wouldn't want a backstage glimpse at famous, makeup-caked actors grunting and groaning as they practice the film's fake language.

Cast: Denzel Washington as Forest Whitaker feels like a natural fit, as does Michael Fassbender as lead actor (and L. Ron Hubbard stan) John Travolta.


One of the most troubled movie productions of all-time (it even spurred a companion documentary capturing its madness, the great “Burden of Dreams”).

Cast: Director Werner Herzog is one of the most fascinating people alive, in my humble opinion, and I'd love to see Christoph Waltz bite into the role.

“Surviving the Game”

Humans are hunted for sport in this campy 1994 action thriller, which starred the unpredictable Gary Busey and rapper/actor Ice-T, among others.

Cast: This is quite literally the role Jake Busey was born to play, but I'd like to see Michael B. Jordan carry the film as Ice-T.


The 2012 Steven Spielberg flick featured notorious method actor Daniel Day-Lewis in the starring role, and it's been reported he remained in character even while cameras weren't running, which could make for some great absurdist onscreen comedy.

Cast: Tom Hardy as Daniel-Day Lewis as Lincoln being bewitched by cell phone technology between takes would be a worthwhile Funny or Die video, at least.

“Man on the Moon”

A new documentary, “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond,” depicts the insane level to which Jim Carrey immersed himself in the role as late anti-comic Andy Kaufman. It would be pretty great to see an actor win the Oscar portraying Carey in a role where he fell just shy of claiming gold.

Cast: James Franco might be the right kind of crazy to pull this off, following his lauded turn as Tommy Wiseau in “The Disaster Artist.”