A rundown of select films currently playing in theaters

New in theaters:

“Just Getting Started”

“Just Getting Started,” the latest from writer/director Ron Shelton (“Bull Durham”) features a cast that got its start long ago, including voiceover king Morgan Freeman and the great, grizzled Tommy Lee Jones.

Also playing:

“My Friend Dahmer”

This movie, which focuses on serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's high-school years and is based on the Derf Backderf graphic novel, received its premiere during Cartoon Crossroads Columbus earlier this year.

“Justice League”

Following a string of stinkers, the DC universe finally received well-deserved praise for its “Wonder Woman,” raising hopes for the “Justice League” film. So let me just take a sip of this coffee and glance at the headlines from Vanity Fair (“‘Justice League' is a big, ugly mess”) and Business Insider (“‘Justice League' is agonizing to watch— and [director] Zack Snyder is to blame”)…


Jacob Tremblay (“Room”) plays the central character, a 10-year-old boy with a congenital facial deformity, in director Stephen Chbosky's film, which is said to be a tearjerker. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson also star.

“A Bad Moms Christmas”

Despite an engaging cast (Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, etc.), this holiday-themed sequel appears to have enthused audiences and critics as much as a child receiving a lump of coal in his or her stocking, seeing as it's currently polling at 28 percent on “Rotten Tomatoes.”

Alive Recommends:


“Cars” this ain't, thankfully. Celebrated animation studio Pixar reclaims the magic of its earliest films with its latest, which follows a young child who dreams of one day becoming a musician on a surreal trek through the Land of the Dead. (4 stars)

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

The latest from director Martin McDonagh (“In Bruges,” see it if you haven't) features a stellar cast operating in peak form, headlined by Frances McDormand, who should get serious Oscar attention just because I want to see how she responds in accepting the award from alleged abuser Casey Affleck. (5 stars)

“Lady Bird”

Best known for her work in front of the camera, Greta Gerwig shines in her directorial debut, which features a strong lead performance from Saoirse Ronan as the Sacramento teenager who goes by Lady Bird in this coming-of-age tale. (5 stars)