Speak Easy storytelling host is a fan of — you guessed it — storytelling

Sarah Fulmer is the host and co-producer of Speak Easy, Columbus' longest-running open mic storytelling night, held the first Thursday of every month at North Campus arts and event space Wild Goose Creative, 2491 Summit St. The next event, themed “I Don't Belong Here: Stories of Black Sheep, Oddballs and Misfits,” takes place Thursday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m.

Fulmer loves lots of things, but these are a few of her favorites:

Speak Easy

Picture a room that feels intimate even when there are 50 or more people in it, leaning in. A set list that springs up organically based on the first 10 tellers to sign up. A loose topic that can be cleverly bent by those with the skill or inclination to do so. An evening of five- to seven-minute stories unfurling, all personal, all true, some funny, some sad, with no shying away from adult topics, intensity, ridiculousness or swearing. Imagine that going on monthly for eight solid years. That's Speak Easy.


As a kid I was pretty much always in trouble for talking. Now I can do it onstage, with a mic. (Take THAT Mrs. Dreamstealer, The Teacher Who Smelt of Liverwurst.) I am beyond delighted to facilitate a welcoming space for anyone with a story to tell — yes, you there, hi; I believe in you. I've seen nervous newbies rock the house with thunderous applause and go on to a life full of public speaking. I've met my favorite people in Columbus because they came to share or listen. From the raw and vulnerable, to the polished and professional, hundreds of amazing people have stood on that stage, without notes, and shared the most incredible things.

The Speak Easy producers

I get to work (and goof off) with some of my favorite people — Karl Boettcher, Emily Webb, Meag Horn and Amy Gadd, who are four amazing, hardworking curators of story, and who weave their many collective and magical business talents into a show every month. Working on my favorite thing with such great people is icing on the very best cake.

Wild Goose Creative

It's the little space with a big heart for artists and creatives of all stripes.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library

Our library system is the envy of the nation. Books, check 'em out.

Photo by Emily Webb