Richmond indie-pop act off to a promising start

Young rock quartet Camp Howard came up in the house show scene in Richmond, Virginia, releasing its self-titled debut last year and following it up with the Juice EP in May. In interviews, the band name-checks both Fleet Foxes and Jimi Hendrix, an amalgam that sounds terrible on paper, but on Camp Howard's debut, the distorted guitar and pristine vocals mesh beautifully.

On the Juice EP, the band moves further away from those early influences, crafting indie-pop more indebted to Mac DeMarco (squirrely leadoff track “Haircut”) and Vampire Weekend without the pastel polos (the clicky, supremely catchy, bass-driven title track). The great thing is, regardless of which sonic adventures Camp Howard goes off on, the band's knack for pop songwriting serves as a reliable compass.

Emily & the Complexes and WV White round out the lineup. (Safe bet)