I bet you failed the “Ikea line or Sigur Ros song?” quiz

Every week, we List … something. Sometimes it's ridiculous (OK, usually it's ridiculous). Sometimes it's helpful. Sometimes it just exists. Here are the 10 most popular Lists from columbusalive.com over the last 12 months.

1. The List: Ways ComFest can adapt to the changing Short North

Brad Keefe's ideas included a Cameron Mitchell food court and a “ComFest VIP experience,” which some readers interpreted as genuine ideas.

2.The List: What should become of Mapfre Stadium?

With the Crew SC potentially relocating to Austin, Texas, in 2019, Joel Oliphint brainstormed some potential alternate uses for Mapfre.

3.The List: Ranking Pixar movies from best to worst

“Cars 2” really is the worst.

4.The List: Ikea line or Sigur Ros song?

I've yet to meet anyone who could answer all of these correctly.

5.The List: Columbus icons who deserve the documentary treatment

Inspired by a screening of “The Case of the Three Sided Dream,” a documentary on Columbus jazz legend Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Erica Thompson put together a list of other locals who deserve the documentary treatment, including poet Scott Woods (proposed title: “Just Create Harder”) and Nina West (“Ru Who?”).

6. The List: The definitive ranking (of readily available) apples

Clearly honeycrisp is the best variety, while red delicious shouldn't even be categorized as apples.

7.The List: A Drive-By Truckers primer

The only List all year to include a Spotify playlist, which is something we should remedy in 2018, considering where it ranked.

8.The List: Local all-you-can-eat spots

Because sometimes a single plate of food is not enough.

9.The List: Where are the 'Roseanne' characters now?

Particularly timely with the reboot just receiving a premiere date (March 27, 2018).

10.The List: Attention-grabbing vendors visiting the Arnold

Some of the vendors visiting the muscle-bound fest caught Erica Thompson's eye, including Buff Bake, a company that sells protein-packed goodies, and Doughnuts and Deadlifts, a group that claims “moderate indulgence isn't incompatible with health.”