From Kikbo to Kyoto drip coffee

Jonathan Elliott is a singer/songwriter best known for his contributions as a vocalist in Columbus-based rock bands Popgun, Doc Robinson and the Floorwalkers.

Since 2004, Elliott has been an active member of the diverse local music community, collaborating with many artists and musical institutions such as the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, the Hoodoo Soul Band and the Winnie Cooper Project.

This Friday and Saturday, Dec. 22 and 23, you can catch Elliott singing with the Floorwalkers when the band returns to Rumba Cafe for its annual Holiday Shows — a long-running tradition and one of the group's favorite weekends of the year.Here are a few things he loves.

Iced coffee

I live very close to Luck Bros. Coffee in Grandview Heights, and over the last few years I have become extremely addicted and shamelessly dependent on the slow drip "cold brew" coffee which the shop produces using a Japanese Kyoto drip method. Kyoto drip coffee tends to have a lighter body and flavor, and more of an aromatic element than most toddy-style iced coffees (which I also love).

The cronut/doughsant

I have always had a love for pastries and doughnuts, but, in my mind, nothing compares to a cronut. For those who don't know, a cronut is a croissant and donut hybrid "invented" in NYC by Dominique Ansel of Ansel Bakery. It's a traditional flaky croissant that's liberally glazed and prepared like a donut, and it's amazing. While there are plenty of places in Columbus to find them, I personally love the cronuts delivered to and served at my favorite lunch spot, DK Diner.

Escape rooms

I first tried an escape-room experience last year with my girlfriend and some close friends, even though I was not nearly as excited as they were at the prospect. After a few minutes in the first room solving puzzles and riddles and working together with my friends, I was absolutely hooked and totally understood the appeal and the thrill of the escape! I highly recommend giving one a try with a few other open-minded humans.

Record collecting

It's hard to explain the thrill I get from digging through dusty stacks and boxes of old records trying to find gems to add to my collection, but I can assure you the hunt is exhilarating. Aside from hitting up garage sales and thrift stores, Columbus is fortunate to have some pretty hip and affordable record shops, and I'm always on the hunt for record stores when traveling.


A Kikbo can best be described as a hacky sack with feather wings much like those on a badminton shuttlecock. It's a game played with your feet, but at a much different speed, pace and feel than hacky sack.Kikbo was first introduced to me and my Floorwalkers brethren while on tour with the fine gentlemen of the musical outfit Red Wanting Blue, and has been a favorite activity of mine ever since. Thanks fellas!