Duo explores shared interests in new exhibit

Eileen Woods and Paula Nees have known each other since the mid-1990s. The artists share an interest in working with fabric in a mixed-media setting, and exploring how things change or are changed through the passage of time.

“Rust to Dust: Frayed Opulence and Luxuriant Ruin,” the duo's current exhibition at the Cultural Arts Center, addresses these shared interests both visually and conceptually.

Woods' work is part of an ongoing investigation of mortality. “I suppose it's based in trying to look death in the eye,” she said. “As it goes on, I'm becoming more adventurous about the presentation, going in different directions, growing and morphing.”

“I'm looking simultaneously at the beauty and fragility of a lot of fabrics,” Nees said. Her interest in the environment and in natural settings manifests in this work as an examination of habitat loss.

The exhibition closes Dec. 30. The Cultural Arts Center is open but closes earlier than normal during the holiday week.