The Beatles Marathon returns with a new name

Last year we took a deep dive into the world of the Beatles Marathon, an insanely ambitious annual 12-hour concert in which Joe Peppercorn, frontman of the Whiles, leads a merry band of local musicians through every single Beatles album in chronological order — over 200 songs.

While the show (now known as Sgt. Peppercorn's Marathon) started in 2010 as a stupid human trick of sorts, it has since morphed into a beloved, wildly popular event around the holidays, and for Peppercorn and the two dozen musicians who join him onstage at the Bluestone, it's more than a physical feat or a musical accomplishment. For them, it's a beautiful, near-spiritual experience. Through learning and performing songs written decades ago by the most famous group in the world, these Columbus bandmates have found deep joy and a sense of community, and the night of the marathon, that feeling is contagious.

“We are the island of misfit toys,” Peppercorn said, “and this show is our home.” (Don't miss it)