A visual take on our weekly column

Emma Parker graduated from The Ohio State University with a master's in education, but decided to go with her passion, photography. She currently lives in Clintonville with her wife, Taylor, and three cats. Here are a few things she loves.

Coffee talk

I believe in great conversation. Conversations I have cherished typically have been partnered with a warm cup of coffee. It is a time where you can be yourself, share your adventures and laugh until your belly hurts.

Taylor Kiehl, 2016 Napa, California


The moments when you have no deadlines. When there aren't 25 items on your to-do list. When you can wake up in the morning and just do whatever you want.

Paul Parker, 2016, North Carolina


Find someone who makes your world bigger, not smaller. Taylor, my wife, does that for me. She encouraged me to do photography full-time, and I love her for this. Everybody should have a Taylor in their life.

Taylor Kiehl, 2016 Cannon Beach, Oregon


My grandparents love and support me. They cherish my quirks and always encourage me to live my dreams. I cherish every moment I have with these two hooligans.

Judi & Jerry Tompkins, 2016 Lake St. Marys, Ohio


Film takes patience. You meter the scene. Focus the camera. Take the picture. Develop the film. Scan the film. And then finally, enjoy your image. Most of these images were taken on the Hasselblad Medium Format Camera.