Ghostly spirits can chill to your core, but the sipping version can warm amid the winter freeze

With subzero temperatures hitting the city this week, Columbus is looking for any hint of heat, be it huddling up under blankets, around space heaters or in front of fireplaces. For an extra nip of warmth this month, snag a bottle of spirits from one of these Central Ohio distilleries.

Watershed Distillery | Apple Brandy

This past fall, Watershed unleashed the latest addition to its portfolio. Made from Ohio apples and aged in oak barrels for two years, this apple brandy is being distilled as a nod to the historic popularity of brandy in the United States. The spirit has a lovely sweet bite, and it serves as an easy substitute for bourbon in your favorite Old Fashioned or as a boozy addition to warm apple cider.

Middle West Spirits | OYO Whiskey

While Middle West's vodkas and gin draw plenty of attention, its OYO Whiskey is an exemplary entry in the style. The amber-colored whiskey is made from Ohio soft red winter wheat and balances touches of dark fruits, caramel and spices. It works equally well in cocktails or for sipping on its own. Try it in Middle West's recommended whiskey toddy, with honey, lemon juice and black tea.

451 Spirits | Writer's Block Rum

451 Spirits works to push the boundaries of distilling with creative combinations of spirits and flavors. Writer's Block rum is distilled from molasses and infused with mint and lime. The result is a spirit that's sugar sweet and a little spicy, making it an easy substitute in your favorite gin or tequila cocktails. Also, be on the lookout for its Pipe Dream rum, which is the Writer's Block aged in oak barrels. Bonus: Get a first-hand look at the distiller's process by scheduling a tour of its Clintonville distillery via its website,

Karate Cowboy | Natural

Karate Cowboy's portfolio blends a little bit of American spirit with Japanese traditions. The company's products combine sake-based spirits (all drawn from Japan's Kobe region) with corn-based alcohols produced stateside. Its Natural, for instance, is a straightforward blend of the two (compared with the more exotic Wasabi Honey and Ginger Mint). The sake and the ethanol play together, producing a spirit that's both vanilla-sweet and floral.