In advance of the freelancer's debut as an 'Alive' columnist, he checks off a few faves

Columbus native Cameron Scott got his first taste of journalism in his early teens while working as a reporter for the now-defunct 10TV Kids News Network. Since then, he has been a panelist and contributor to the Radio QueerMinded podcast and blog, and also co-hosted TheMicsOfTheBrownTable, which aired Wednesdays on 98.3 FM. He is currently a freelance writer and a consultant to Blvck Ice, which hosts a monthly music event catering to black/POC members of the LGBTQ community and creatives. On Jan. 11, he'll debut with a new, bi-weekly LGBTQ column in Alive. Here are a few things he loves.

Olde Towne East

I pretty much grew up in and around the area, and have seen it go through lots of changes. I currently live on a street where crackheads and prostitutes would be doing their thing as I walked home from middle and high school. Now it's a good mix of working-, middle- and upper-class black and white folks, as well as some working poor and creatives giving the neighborhood character. Hopefully this will last for a while, as some other neighborhoods have become shells of their former selves.

Local Bar

I stumbled across this place about two years ago. It's a small bar in the Short North with a kick-ass bar staff and a host of friendly regulars that have become friends of mine. I find myself here multiple times a week just to shoot the breeze with whoever is working or sitting at the bar. It's like “Cheers” — with good popcorn.

Bibibop Asian Grill

I'm new to the franchise, as I didn't try it until about three months ago, and boy was I missing out! It's the one new, Chipotle-ish spot where I've tried multiple combinations of ingredients and it always comes out nice. I think I have it at least once a week at this point.

Oyo bourbon

I was introduced to this local brand last year sometime, and since then I frequently have a taste for it. It has a smooth bourbon taste with just enough bite to keep my attention. Try it neat to get the full flavor.

The Turbos

This local band caught my attention earlier this year. There are many songs on the new album, Alternator, that you can either scream out in the shower or get all introspective and weird while listening to. I haven't seen the band live yet but hear it puts on a really good show. My faves off the album are “Fine China” and “Bullet to Chew.” Check it out on Spotify or iTunes.