Capital University gallery opens all-female artist exhibition

When Schumacher Gallery director David Gentilini and co-curator Jami Goldstein began conceiving “Vessels,” an early-2018 exhibition at the Capital University space, neither considered that it would be an all-female artist show.

“Once we got the list [of artists] pared down, we said, ‘These are all women,'” Goldstein said. In determining the prompt for the group exhibition, Goldstein said they recognized the interpretations available that could emphasize the role of the female as vessel, but that this was not prescriptive.

“It was serendipitous,” Gentilini said.

The pair did not want to focus solely on the utilitarian nature of a vessel, from porcelain bowls to clay carriers to baskets, and was rewarded with a rich and varied collection of new and existing work from artists primarily from central Ohio.

“Women have used vessels and, of course, even been vessels to carry new life, throughout history,” Goldstein said. “But we were also interested in not necessarily being a container for something but a conduit for spirituality.”

The exhibition runs from Jan. 15 through March 28. Featured artists include Lisa Horkin, Carol Boram-Hays, Eva Kwong and more.