A rundown of select concerts taking place Jan. 11-20

Jan. 11

Keller Williams at Woodlands Tavern

The Rough Touch, Comrade Question, Ma Holos at Ace of Cups

Megan Taylor, Keating at Rumba Cafe

Birdshack at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza


Willie Phoenix at A&R Music Bar

Slackluster, Son of Dribble, Wharm at Cafe Bourbon Street

Amy Speace and Megan Palmer at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Linden Hollow EP release at Rambling House

Love U release show at Rumba Cafe

Embers of Arson at Spacebar

Urban Tropic at Brothers Drake

Jasmine Cain at Skully's Music-Diner


Rock Potluck 13 at Ace of Cups

Motherfolk at the Basement

She Bears 10-year anniversary, Herzog at Spacebar

614 Pipeline at Hamptons on King

The Whirlybirds, Steven King, Andrew Graham at Rumba Cafe

Paisha at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Hells Fire Sinners, Bloodthirsty Virgins and Mobile Home at Shrunken Head


The Homeless Gospel Choir at Woodlands Tavern

Manray, VibrantTroubadours at Big Room Bar

Rhonda Vincent & the Rage at Stuart's Opera House


New Pollution at Woodlands Tavern


Jive Pilots at Woodlands Tavern


Jack Harlow at the Basement

Mutts, Gold From Grief at Spacebar

The Fritz, Pupils of Groove at Woodlands Tavern


Snail Mail, Lemelda, Tasty and Swim Team at Big Room Bar

Neon Dreams at Rumba Cafe

Rebelution at Express Live

Sister Sara, With Iowa In Between, Admiral Contempt at Spacebar

G. Love & Special Sauce at A&R Music Bar

Human After All at Woodlands Tavern


Water Witches at Spacebar

Columbus Covers Columbus at the Shrunken Head

The Worn Flints at Woodlands Tavern

The Future Is Friday at the Summit

Cowslingers at Rumba Cafe


Tourist Trap at Big Room Bar

Small Movies album release, the Cordial Sins and the Receiver at Rumba Cafe

Richard Shindell, Brian Dunne at Columbus Performing Arts Center

Crooked Spines, Gumdropp, Greenjeans at Spacebar

The Verve Pipe at Hollywood Casino

Aaron Glenn, Urban Tropic at Woodlands Tavern

The Green at A&R Music Bar

She Bears photo by Chris Casella