Cast readies 10th edition of all-female improve comedy program

Here's an improvisational comedy show in which all the performers are female. It's a big deal to Hashtag Comedy's Sarah Storer – and it isn't.

“The way I look at it is, we've got a bunch of really funny people who just happen to all be female,” Storer said. “It's been very important to [Hashtag] since the beginning: How can we give a voice and a platform to people you wouldn't normally see?” (Storer also mentioned the troupe's Brownprov, the third edition of which is set for Feb. 21.)

“But at the same time,” she said, “part of the mission is, ‘Let's stop making it so different to [see] a bunch of women on stage.'”

Storer said the roster for Girlprov 10 includes audience favorites from the previous nine Girlprovs. Among others, she referenced Vicki Kessler (“hands-down the best improv-er in the city”) and Bianca Moore, a standup comedian and burlesque performer.

“The rest of the women in the show can't wait to perform with her,” Storer said.

The guys from Hashtag will serve as hosts for the evening, which will include both short- and long-form improv.