Two Ohio bands releasing new music

This Rumba rock show doubles as a single release for Bicentennial Bear, which recorded two new tracks, “Wolves” and “Hustle Missile.” The songs find Billy Peake (previously of Miranda Sound) venting frustration about the current state of politics in America (sample lyric: “Trump's gonna get ya … ya best believe it”) and calling everyday citizens to act. “We can't stay neutral on a moving train/If we sit on our hands we'll lose everything,” he sings. The digital single will be available for download the day of the show at, and all proceeds from the music will be sent to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Cincinnati-area rock trio Ampline, featuring Mike Montgomery of R. Ring, is also releasing new music the day of the show. The band's fifth album, Passion Relapse, comes out on Jan. 26 and was tracked live to tape. Judging by riff-heavy first single “Captions,” Ampline's Fugazi-like fury hasn't waned a bit since forming in 2001.

Make sure to arrive early for local act Brat Curse. (Don't miss it)