Third annual rock show to celebrate the life of Brett Helling doubles as a Cabdrivers vinyl release show

Before a mysterious condition known as Empty Nose Syndrome prematurely hollowed out the life of Columbus musician Brett Helling three years ago, Helling fronted the Cabdrivers — a jangly, Beatles-indebted (and, in hindsight, underrated) pop-rock act. In 2006, the Cabdrivers released It's Yours!, and more than 10 years later, Helling's friends are making the gem of an album available on vinyl.

Starting in 2016, Helling's former buddies and bandmates have put on a rock show at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza (where Helling was once a bartender) known as Helling Yeah!, and last year's event raised money to press It's Yours! on vinyl. At the third annual Helling Yeah!, which takes place on Saturday, Jan. 27, the LP will be for sale, along with a bonus Anyway Records 7-inch featuring unreleased Cabdrivers music. Plus, some of Helling's old Cabdrivers bandmates — Nick Nocera, Sean Gardner, Chris Bolognese and more — will perform selections from It's Yours!

Rounding out the bill are Face, the Japanese B-Sides and Fisted Mister. All proceeds from the record and ticket sales will go to organizations that fund research for and awareness of Empty Nose Syndrome. Spreading the word about ENS was Helling's dying wish. “This disease is very real, is untreatable, yet 100 percent preventable,” he wrote before he died. “Awareness is needed to make ENS a household name. … It took everything from me. I am not the last.”