Shaman talks nature, people and other things she loves

Heidi Howes is a modern shaman, musician and writer who helps individuals tap into their most authentic selves in order to discover what is most magical about life. Her writing, immersive sessions and coaching have helped hundreds of people see themselves differently and embrace healing. She teaches and practices shamanic healing at the Reiki Center in Grandview and lives with her two children on the North Side of Columbus.

Mother Earth (aka Gaia, Pachamama, Sophia, Mother Nature)

I lived in the primitive woods on Lake Superior for most of my adult life, and coming back to the city where I was born has brought out the intimacy and simplicity of my relationship with nature because it is not as “grand” in the city. It's forced me to look and listen closer. Talking to the maple tree outside my door, or listening to the red-tailed hawks flying over 71 North as I shuttle my kids to school. I love the Olentangy River Trail, the Clintonville ravines, the Metroparks and especially the Eagle Lookout at Highbanks and the trail at Sharon Woods.

Wise women, activists and mothers creating a new paradigm (while carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders)

Preserve on Calumet is a mama-owned-and-run tea and herb shop, “A healing and restorative space for women and their allies” and a collective of wise women creating space for the return to ancient Earth wisdom with herbs, gardening and more. World of Agape's clothing (Jasimine Agape Pennywell), the Freedom School crew at Summit Church, the unseen and unsung mamas, grandmothers, sisters, doulas and midwives and caregivers who make the world go round with little compensation or recognition for their contribution.

Conscious nourishment and soul food

Food for my belly: Portia's, Organic Greenfix, Aab in Grandview, Dough Mama, Casa Hacienda. Food for my Spirit: Phoenix Books, The Magical Druid, Pearls of Wisdom, Mystic Sisters, OmtoOhm. Food for my Ears: Hashtag Comedy, Paisha Thomas, The Shaw Brothers, Bobby Floyd, Counterfeit Madison, Scott Woods, The Bhakti Mamas.


I am super proud to be a practitioner at the Reiki Center, the oldest and largest natural-wellness center in Central Ohio, offering dozens of healing modalities from masters in their crafts. The Stone Soup Project is the non-profit bringing these tools to the community, regardless of people's ability to pay. It is a collaborative of holistic health practitioners who believe all individuals should have access to, and would benefit from, wellness services.


Both blood and chosen. They are everything to me. My kids are what I live for and my friends sustain me. Some people say this one is a given, but it is not. We must honor our ancestors and recognize we are all related and treat each other as such with kindness and compassion and unconditional love.