CCAD's Beeler Gallery spring exhibitions, programming announced

Thinking about the relationship of an arts institution and its community is an important process for the institution. But not just for the institution.

This is just one of a handful of concepts that Beeler Gallery Director of Exhibitions Jo-ey Tang intends to address during “How well do you behave? IN THE FLAT FIELD,” his first season at the CCAD gallery. Inspired by his own “self-reflection on Beeler,” Tang has chosen a variety of printed and other materials as part of a conversation about the gallery's place at the school and in the broader community. Posters, flyers and other materials from art schools around the world will help frame the discussion, which is also influenced by provocative '60s-era materials from the vanguard Detroit Printing Co-op and fashion show invitations from Eckhaus Latta, all examining the intersection of design and the printed word.

Tang views these rotating materials and attendant programming, which will continue through March 25 at the gallery, as “an opportunity to open up the space for newness,” he said.