Get hip to the Nashville grunge duo while also catching two of Alive's 2018 Bands to Watch

On “Baby,” the newest single from Nashville grunge-pop duo Sad Baxter, singer/guitarist Deezy Violet tries to get on with her life while dealing with the end of a relationship, and it's not going too well. “Eating pills and thoughts of drowning myself in the tub,” she sings. Later on, over palm-muted power chords, she describes her workday: “Back at the office I've been grinding my teeth back down/Doctors tell me wrinkles form from how hard I frown.”

But Violet, alongside drummer Alex Mojaverian, never comes across like she's wallowing. The crackly crust that forms around the edges of her voice can transform a sulk into a raised fist, and her knack for writing hooks brings to mind bands like Veruca Salt, Weezer and Nirvana.

This show is worth it for the headliner, but the rest of the bill, which boasts two out of five of Alive's most recent class of Bands to Watch, makes it a must-see. Souther slays live, thanks in part to Carly Fratianne's effortless, bluesy shredding, and Grunge Dad takes all the weirdness of life and distills it into fuzzy pop gems that will make even the most introverted introvert nod along awkwardly. (Don't miss it)