A guide to the one time of year when buying cookies is considered a good deed

It's Girl Scout Cookie season — that time of year when you can buy all the cookies you want and eat them by the sleeve and feel OK about it because not buying them is akin to crushing a little girl's dreams. You don't want to be a dream crusher, do you?

There are a lot of decisions to be made on that order form, though. Which cookies to buy? How many boxes of each? Here's a handy ranking of Girl Scout Cookies to help you make these all-important decisions.

11. Do-si-dos

This peanut butter sandwich cookie is one of the only Girl Scout Cookies that is better to just pass on completely. (In fact, other than Oreos, I'd avoid most sandwich cookies, regardless of what the Keebler elves say.)

10. Thanks-A-Lot

A noble effort at merging chocolate with shortbread that falls … short.

9. Lemonades

Shortbread, but with that pesky lemon flavor getting in the way.

8. Trios

Chocolate chips, oatmeal, peanut butter… sounds great so far, right? Alas, there's no gluten, which is a great option for gluten-free folks, but for everyone else, it's like saying, “How do I make a cookie but also make sure it tastes worse than other cookies?”

7. Toffee-tastic

Those little toffee bits keep me coming back. (Also available in a gluten-free variety, but see #8.)

6. Savanna Smiles

These oddly shaped cookies are coated in powdered sugar (messy, but worth it) and a lemon flavor that trumps the Lemonades.

5. S'mores

The newest addition, and a good one, though I'd opt for the chocolate-covered graham version over the sandwich cookie version (see #11).

4. Tagalongs

Chocolate, peanut butter and a cake-y center. Who can resist?

3. Samoas

There's a scene in “It's a Wonderful Life” where young George asks young Mary if she wants to add coconut to her chocolate milkshake. “I don't like coconuts,” she says, and George rightfully calls her “brainless” for her misguided preference. The combo of caramel, chocolate and toasted coconut in this cookie is divine.

2. Trefoils

Shortbread distills everything that's great about a cookie (other than chocolate) into a simple, irresistible recipe. The buttery goodness just melts in your mouth. A classic for a reason.

1. Thin Mints

Some say these crunchy, mint-chocolate-coated cookies are overrated. I feel bad for those people.