Musician and studio engineer delights in her new home, live music and more

Weezee, formerly a recording artist with 7th Sign Regime, a Bizzy Bone record label, has finally released her solo project, FeelGoodMusic, after many years of engineering other artists in her home studio. In the wake of a heartbreaking 2017, Weezee found her therapy with AU Music, behind the microphone, and by sticking close to the things that just feel good.

Here are some things Weezee loves right now:


My family and I are new homeowners. I love our new home. It's literally a dream house. During the process of getting approved, I remember thinking, “Are we really going to get this house? They need to hurry up and approve us before someone figures out they messed up.” I love that I get to give this to my kids. My oldest is going away to Ohio University in 2018, and it's a great feeling to know she has stability and a home to always come back to.


I dealt with 12 major deaths in 2017, one of them being Jaron Thomas, a 7th Sign brother who was killed in January by Columbus Police. You can learn more about his story at Depression is real. It was hard to find my smile. But I have an amazing group of family and friends that checked on me and made sure there was always something to keep me busy. Especially my producer and close friend, Jack “Tha Audio Unit” Burton. We were glued to one another all 2017. We screamed and snotted and cried our way through this album and all the deaths. I refused to just sit around sad. My friends and family were right there with me to wipe a tear, or pull me off the couch, or force me to record a song. I love them so.

Eagles Restaurant

I've only ever gone to this restaurant with a group of close friends. If you're looking for a place that will make you grab all your close friends and put on your stretchy pants, this is it. They have the best food in Columbus in my opinion. Or maybe I'm just partial to the good memories.

Cooper's Hawk

After a good meal (including stretchy pants), you need a good drink. I've recently become a wine lover. I'm obsessed with Cooper's Hawk! You have to try their warm wines. A-MA-ZING. It could be that I'm an old person who can't handle my liquor any more… either way.

Live music

I enjoy ALL genres of music, especially LIVE. One of the other ways I stayed busy was singing with my band the All Star Jammerz. We played Red, White & Boom, Easton Sounds on the Town, ComFest and many others. Live music is a smile that cannot be faked. If I'm out on the town, I'm usually catching a performance from one of my friends. I have another band, as well, called Romantic Hours. We are gearing up to promote the album I recorded, and we do cover songs from all genres. Our first appearance will be at FED on Feb. 3, hosted by Qamil.

Nes Wordz

Rest in Power. He was one of the losses I experienced and my all-time favorite Columbus performer. The GOAT.