Ryan Eilbeck goes it alone on six-song follow-up to 2016's 'Sweet Life'

Ryan Eilbeck embraces eccentricity and familiarity in equal measure in his post-Delay band, Natural Sway. On 2016 album Sweet Life — one of the best to come out of Columbus that year — Eilbeck recruited Sarah Yetter and Michael O'Shaughnessy to fill out his indie-pop trio. But in November he temporarily converted Natural Sway into a solo project, recording songs to two-inch tape with Matt Tobey at Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana.

The resulting six-song EP, sacred as you make it pt. 1, often reveals Eilbeck's quieter side. “Love is like a black jellybean/You can save yours all for me,” he sings on “Coat/Hat” amid a comforting layer of tape hiss, hypnotic acoustic guitar and a meandering bottleneck slide. Then, lest you think Natural Sway's gone folk, Eilbeck throws down a scratchy programmed beat for dance-friendly closing track “Dogyawn.”