New North Side brewery specializes in sours

It feels like we say this every couple weeks, but say hello to the city's newest brewery.

Random Precision Brewing Company held a soft opening in mid-March at 2365 W. Dublin Granville Rd., just west of Linworth Road in a former carpet store. Owned by Jason and Andrea Grable, Random Precision is also the city's second brewery — and one of only a handful in Ohio — dedicated solely to sour beers.

Jason had spent nearly a decade homebrewing before considering his own brewery. “Most homebrewers fall in love with the experimentation and start thinking, ‘Can I do this myself?'” he said.

He spent nine months crafting a business plan for a potential brewery (“Not even for a bank, but for myself,” Jason said) and also researched other sour breweries like Urban Artifact in Cincinnati and Crooked Stave in Denver.

Grable opened the brewery for five hours to a group of 50 guests on a recent Friday evening. “The place was packed, and I didn't know half the people in there,” Grable said. “I had a couple guests who said, ‘We finally saw your lights on and had to check it out.' Who am I to push them away?”

The brewery's first full day was St. Patrick's Day, and when Grable opened the doors there were a handful of cars waiting in the parking lot already. For the first six or seven hours they were slammed, but Grable still found time to talk with his guests. “It's good to talk to people after being shut in there with paper on the windows for months!” he said.

Grable opened the brewery with two Random Precision beers on a tap, a 100% Brett IPA and a Berliner Weiss flavored with lemon and lime peels. He has another Berliner Weiss in the fermenter that will be flavored with ginger, and three base sours — a golden ale, a red ale and a sour stout — are currently in barrels. At opening, he featured six other Ohio breweries on tap, with special nods to breweries like Lineage Brewing, which offered Grable advice along his journey.

Random Precision will hold an official grand opening sometime this November, when more house beers will be on tap. Grable has also kicked off a loyalty program called Sours and Staves, where guests can “adopt” a barrel in the brewhouse and follow it along its journey, including invites to the “blending party.”

The neighborhood seems ready to have a brewery of its own. “I was sitting there on Sunday,” Grable said, “and a couple guys next to me said, ‘Oh yeah, we came in last night.' Does that count as a regular?”