A rundown of select films currently playing in theaters

New in Theaters:


The trailer made this comedy look like a broad, female-centric twist on “American Pie,” but early reviews suggest the film has more heart and humor than John Cena throwing a man with cartoonish force would lead one to believe.

“A Quiet Place”

John Krasinski makes his directorial debut with this tense horror flick, because nothing says terror like a movie helmed by the smirking dude from “The Office.” (In all seriousness, though, the trailer makes this look legit spooky.)

“The Miracle Season”

This inspirational sports film is centered on the true story of a high school volleyball team that overcame the death of its star player to make a run at the state championship. (Did the team win? See the film.)


The historical drama from director John Curran (“The Painted Veil”) examines events surrounding the 1969 death of Mary Jo Kopechne, who suffocated in a car crashed into a pond by Ted Kennedy, then the last surviving son of the Kennedy political dynasty.

Also Playing:

“Tyler Perry's Acrimony”

This might come as a surprise from the title, but “Tyler Perry's Acrimony” is a new film from director Tyler Perry, a man who likely signs his autograph “Tyler Perry's signature by Tyler Perry.”

“Pacific Rim Uprising”

John Boyega (best known as Finn in the latest “Star Wars” update) stars in this cartoonish, sci-fi action thriller, which finds human-operated robots waging war against massive sea monsters.

Alive Recommends:

“Ready Player One”

This movie is a pure nostalgia bath for a generation. The '80s soundtrack sets the tone for spotting more pop-culture references than you can imagine, and spotting them is a lot of fun. But it's also pure Steven Spielberg magic. (4 stars)

“Love, Simon”

Abundantly heartfelt and consistently funny, “Love, Simon” has a unique place in the canon of LGBTQ cinema, in part for how sweetly ordinary this coming-out story plays. (4 stars)