A recap of important developments, both on and off the field

The season's only begun, and yet I feel I've lived a lifetime, if not two, these past few weeks. My black and gold is graying and fading.

From both sides and on and off the field, we've been pummeled with news of great import. Is Crew SC coming or going? Running hot or cooling off? Who knows!

What follows is my feeble-brained attempt at a rundown of all that's happened, in order of significance.

A new Crew holiday?

Mark this date down: Friday, April 6. Years from now, it could be celebrated as our club's Declaration of Independence. On that date, Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther sent Crew SC operator-investor Anthony Precourt notice.

The city, Ginther said, has lined up potential owners, investors and Downtown stadium space. And they're ready to step up.

It's time, Ginther said, for Precourt to open his books and finally fulfill his parallel-path promise. It's time, in other words, to sell. Columbus is ready.

Reading those words, I suspected the next volley would surely arrive around game time Saturday. Precourt has shown himself to be at once a man of great impatience and precarious and curious timing.

I certainly didn't expect the city to give Precourt the ol' 1-2. And yet …

The Columbus razzle-dazzle

On Monday, April 9, City Attorney Zach Klein tagged in to the fight. Which is to say, Klein announced he was pausing the city and state of Ohio's lawsuit against Precourt Sport Ventures and Major League Soccer.

Why? So the potential owners and investors the city's lined up can, you know, buy the team, basically. Holy Eddie Gaven — that's dope!

We're going streaking!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was, in other words, classic Gregg Berhalter football.

A listless performance against Vancouver was followed by an inspired but ultimately toothless one against rivals Chicago, where a win was thrown away by the foot of a goalkeeper.

I've seen it argued since that the Fire goal was simply the natural result of Berhalter's possession-based system — a statistical anomaly that was bound to happen eventually.

Or maybe these results were always, in some sense, bound to happen. MLS is, after all, a league of parity, right? (Yes, I meant parity, not parody.)

Whatever it is, I don't care. I'm moving on already.

Justin Meram said what?

Former Crew SC winger Justin Meram appeared to knock Columbus in an interview with ESPN's Taylor Twellman. Which didn't sit well with Crew SC fans, of course.

Meram told Twellman certain markets are holding the league back.

Meram later clarified that by markets he meant owners, which sat well with me.

“My ‘thank god' comment was a sarcastic joke about being a Michigan man in Ohio,” Meram tweeted. “And I love Columbus & always will. Never spoke bad about the club esp the fans, coaches and my brothers I played with. I just could never support an owner moving the team. One love Cbus #SaveTheCrew.”