A rundown of familial band names from youngest to most elder

Sophie Allison's Soccer Mommy continues a recent trend of artists with family-member names appearing in the pages of Alive's music section. In that spirit, we take a look at some of these familial musical monikers, from youngest to oldest (as they'd appear in your family tree). Actual families (the Isley Brothers, Kings of Leon) need not apply.

Robert Randolph and the Family Band/

Sly and the Family Stone

Sort of an honorable mention for these two acts that brought the entire family tree together.

Blake Babies

In which Juliana Hatfield's career was also in its infancy.


Assuming, for the purposes of this piece, that Kenny Edmonds was, in fact, actually a baby, and not merely possessed of young-ish features.

Destiny's Child

In which Beyonce's career was also in its formative years.

Son Volt

Bonus points for this alt-country band formed after the breakup of Uncle Tupelo.


Call this current indie-folk act Daughter.

Brother Ali

Activist/rapper and probably the youngest sibling.

Sister Hazel

Little sis didn't want to cause a ruckus, so bland jangle pop it is.

My Sister's Machine

Short-lived Seattle metal band probably doesn't get invited to reunions.

Twisted Sister

Middle child acts out, doesn't get it.

Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds

Learned from big brother how to rock out, clearly picked up some of big daddy's R&B records, too.

Big Brother and the Holding Company

More than just Cheap Thrills.

Adult Mom

Indie tunesmiths just trying to figure this whole adulting thing out.

Grunge Dad

2018 Alive Band to Watch got its inspiration (in a roundabout way) while attending a concert by the aforementioned Juliana Hatfield. Name sounds like a pops still tryna be cool. (Wouldn't know anything about that.)

Mother Love Bone

Featuring actual eventual grunge dad Stone Gossard, MLB helped give birth to Pearl Jam.

Big Daddy Kane

Influential MC the perfect patriarch for this collection of creative kinfolk.

Father John Misty

Nobody's sure exactly which side of the family he's on, but he keeps showing up around the holidays.

The Mothers of Invention

The cool mom – all the neighborhood kids wanted to hang out at her house.


Electronica collective is the quirky uncle everyone wanted to hang out with but no one wanted to introduce to their friends.

Uncle Kracker

Kicked out of the family for working with Kid Rock.


Oft-overlooked '90s alt-rock act lives on primarily in old family stories.

Great Grandpa

Callow Seattle rock outfit will share a festival bill with Father John Misty this summer, so expect to see Misty at the Labor Day cookout again this year.