Tattooist has a fondness for art and hockey

Alli MacGregor is a Columbus transplant of over a decade, hailing from the far reaches of the U.S., from Maine to California and everywhere in between. She is known locally for her work in tattooing and fine art portraiture, although her doodles are of the far more lewd variety. She is the owner and operator of Cap City Tattoo Co. in Olde Towne East. You can check out her work on Instagram or Twitter: @allimacgregor. Here are a few things she loves.


I'd like to lie to you and say Columbus Blue Jackets all the way, but I've been a lifelong Edmonton Oilers fan. That said, hockey is hockey is hockey, and I'll watch about any game, and right now it's the playoffs and I'm behind CBJ all the way in this post-season. Why do I think hockey is the best sport ever? Community. Whether it's the team on the ice or the fans in the stands, there is the overwhelming sense that someone has your back. The recent Humboldt Broncos tragedy struck the entire hockey community hard, and hockey fans from all over the world came together to help out the families and community.

Columbus art scene

The one thing I really loved when I moved here was the art scene. It was thriving and, more importantly, it was accessible. There is a niche for everyone here and it's really inclusive. Almost every weekend there is a new opening or art-related event. From Franklinton Fridays to the Short North Gallery Hop, there is a draw of people towards the arts. I'm hoping with all this new development in the Short North it won't kill the feeling that made Columbus unique in the art world.


I had this moment in college where I wanted to be an animator. After two semesters of traditional animation I figured out I was far too lazy to be an animator. However, that has never stopped me from appreciating it. I was raisedon Saturdaymorning cartoons, Disney, Friz Freleng, Tex Avery and Chuck Jones. I fell in love with the works of Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, Mike Judge, Pixar and the countless independent animation houses out there.

Investigation Discovery (ID)

This is one of my guilty pleasures. The whole channel ranges from the completely trashy to documentary-style murders. I call it murder channel. It hooks you by having no commercials between programs. Just dives right into the next one. I can watch this all day while I'm drawing or painting. They need a documentary show about international serial killers. I think that would be a great addition to their lineup.

My dogs

Yeah, I know this one is cliche, but they are probably what I love most in the world. Most of my clients have met Herbert, my 12-year-old therapy beagle. He comes to the shop with me every day and snores through everyone's tattoos. Last year, I added Edmon, a basset hound puppy, to our family. He's a goofy cuddle bug and I hope the therapy training doesn't take away that part of his personality. They're both completely unique and weird and I wouldn't change them for the world.