Eastside Arts Initiative presents group show perfect for spring

Is it finally spring here in Columbus? Janet George wasn't taking any chances as she put out a call for work for the exhibition she is curating for Eastside Arts Initiative.

“It's not religious, but it is spiritual, personal,” George said of the group exhibition currently on exhibit at Broad Street Presbyterian Church's Palmer Hall, titled “Renewed. Restored. Redeemed.” “But I did have that idea of spring and Easter when I came up with the title. In giving artists the theme, I didn't provide any focus, though. There is just so much confusion and conflict in our world right now, and we're bombarded with so much. I feel like it's time to stop being distracted and start being restored.”

George sought out artists she hoped would provide a diverse perspective on the theme, and she wasn't disappointed, she said, in part due to the diverse nature of the artists themselves, from racial and gender makeup to age and artistic experience. Sixteen artists are represented via upwards of 40 separate pieces of art in the exhibit.

“Being immersed in art can itself be restorative, maybe in 16 different ways,” George said.