'Star Trek,' studios, salons and more

Matt Monta has been writing songs and making music for the last 10 years in Columbus and parts Midwest. At the top of 2017 he left his desk-job lifestyle to focus on music full-time. In addition to his life as a musician, Monta has also collaborated with a number of comedy and performing arts productions. He and his band, the Haymakers, will be releasing their second full-length studio album, Restless Disposition, on Friday, April 27 at Rumba Cafe with an opening set from Mobile Home. Here are a few things Monta loves.

“Star Trek: Voyager”

Since I was a kid I was a “Star Trek” fan, but because I was a TNG purist, I eschewed “Deep Space 9” and “Voyager.” Now that I am older and Netflix and the internet exists, I have been binge-watching “Voyager” episode to episode and, with each one, I grow more and more fond of the characters and their growth in the face of the insurmountable challenge of traveling 70,000 light years to get home. Personally, in Kirk v. Janeway, my money is on Janeway every time

Sonic Lounge Recording Studio

For Restless Disposition, the Haymakers and I spent a couple of weeks at Sonic Lounge in Grove City with Joe Viers. As any musician who has recorded there will tell you, the space has an inspiring vibe and working with Joe brings out the best in your recordings. Oh, he also has a pretty solid coffee system down there that I am 100 percent on board with (RIP Don Brewer the First).


When I'm driving long distances, I go to a number of podcasts to keep my spirit entertained and my mind sharp. Some of my favorites are “The Working Songwriter” with Joe Pug (music biz and writing), “Chapo Trap House” (cynical politics), “The Jim Cornette Experience” (professional wrestling and hilarious turns of phrase) and “The Adventure Zone” (live D&D/RPG). Let us not forget the local podcasts that are making a big splash, one of my favorite being “In the Record Store,” which is doing awesome things to support the Columbus music community.

Studio H Salon

I've been getting my hair cut down here for just about 10 years, as far back as when it was Gina's. It's a super hip spot without pretension right in the heart of Grandview. Beth has been cutting my hair for a long time, nurturing it when it was grown out and sharpening it when it was short. Every time I go there, I feel and look better when I leave.

Columbus Comedy   The comedians in Columbus are among the hardest-working entertainers I’ve ever met. The funniest, too! I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with or attend shows organized by Whiskey Bear Comedy, Shadowbox Backstage Bistro, the Actual Wolves, Hashtag Improv and Monday Night Live, and every time there are big laughs and memorable bits that I still awkwardly reference today.