Find ways to keep yourself entertained in the sunshine with our yearly summer go-to guide

Each year, it seems, the city loses another music festival, whether by choice (Independents' Day opted to exit on a high note and on its own terms) or predicated on other factors.

With that in mind, we thought we'd look at some of the stalwart events that have become pillars of the summer music fest scene, including those with deep roots (ComFest) and relative newcomers such as Breakaway Music Festival, which overcame early hiccups to become a breakout success.

In addition, readers will find a curated overview of the other music festivals scheduled to hit city streets/parks/venues, with a quick detour examining five relatively nearby events worth the cost of gasoline. There's also a rundown of oddball fests (Kale & Ale Fest, anyone?), as well as one or two other surprises. Read on to learn more.

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