Podcaster Matthew Ellis hosts event at Seventh Son on Saturday, June 9

If the idea of drawing in public is terrifying, you might consider attending the Drink and Draw event at Seventh Son on Saturday, June 9. Liquid courage, after all, is known to coax even the most timid of artists out of hiding.

Of course, if you're anything like local podcaster Matthew Ellis, whose show Heroes by the Pint is putting on the event, you might just forget the drawing part altogether.

“We've had some pretty terrible episodes, some pretty drunk episodes,” Ellis said, and laughed. “When you get together with your friends … you kind of forget, ‘Oh wait, we're here for a purpose, not just to drink beer.'”

The purpose Saturday is to have a good time —whether drinking, drawing or purchasing art.

Seven artists, ranging from local to nationally recognized creators such as Marvel artist Steve Geiger, will be on hand for a few hours of impromptu drawing. All the pieces will then be displayed around Seventh Son for a silent auction. All proceeds will go to the Hero Initiative, a nonprofit that provides funds for medical needs for comic creators.

The idea for Drink and Draw came to Ellis and his podcast cohorts —Marcus Stephenson, Ryan “The Toy Wonder” Brown and Chelsea Caslow —after participating in a similar one at Warped Wing Brewery as part of Dayton's Gem City Con in March.

“We had so much fun we started thinking, ‘Why isn't there something like this in Columbus around the Columbus comic con?'” Ellis said. “We wanted to put something together that was more Columbus-centric, that tied in to the local beer scene and local comics scene, and something where, if I heard about it, I'd be like, ‘Man, that sounds awesome.'”

After looking into the official afterparty options at this weekend's Wizard World, Ellis and company decided upon starting their own, independent option.

“I don't want to throw any shade on Wizard World —they throw a great convention,” Ellis said. “But it feels very corporate at times.”

Last year's Drink and Draw at Wizard World, Ellis said, was hosted at the bd's Mongolian Grill, while the official afterparty was held in a Crowne Plaza ballroom.

“I wanted something smaller, more intimate and more fun for everybody,” Ellis said.

So the Heroes by the Pint team surveyed the local brewery landscape, keeping in mind where it hadn't yet hosted a podcast, and decided on Seventh Son.

Most probably wouldn't peg the Italian Village brewer as a geek-oriented business.

“We're not a comics- or geek-themed brewery at all,” said brewmaster Colin Vent. “But as I started thinking about it, I was like, ‘Dang, we're a really nerdy brewery.'”

Vent, for his part, enjoys RPG video games and comics; another employee collects “Star Wars” and “The Walking Dead” figurines; and a third is into anime and builds giant Gundam models.

“It was a good fit sort of by accident,” Vent said.