From campus to suburban Westerville

Ohio has already licensed 56 locations that can begin selling medical marijuana once it becomes legal this fall. Of those, five are located here in Columbus. These include: Greenleaf Apothecaries (111 Vine St.), 127 OH (1361 Georgesville Rd.), Harvest of Ohio (2950 N. High St. and almost certain to be confused for nearby Harvest Bar + Kitchen), Verdant Creations (Cassady Avenue, address TBD) and Cannamed Therapeutics (656 Grandview Ave. and adjacent to a music venue whose summer lineup includes appearances from bands such as Summer Vibes, Broccoli Samurai and Freekbass & the Bump Assembly, making it one of the more on-the-nose medical pot dispensaries).

With more dispensaries on the way, we thought we'd try to predict some of the next locales where, uh, locals might be able to score some (medicinal) greenery.

Adjacent to the Dude Locker

Cons: No one will ever be able to locate the parking lot on first visit.

Pros: Has a built-in name ready to roll (the Dube Locker).

Jimmy's place

Just honk twice once you're parked out front.

Ohio Stadium

Like the university isn't going to try and get its cut. (Note: None of the profits will be used to pay football players, who are amateur athletes, after all, and not an exploited source of revenue. This is an important distinction to keep in mind when discussing the NCAA.)

Mikey's Late Night Slice (all locations)

Though generally we'd advise against getting greens on your pizza. Especially broccoli.

That gym owned by that one guy who used to be fullback on the high school football team

You know the one. It's the one with no cardio equipment and a taped-up heavy bag.

A hollowed-out copy of The Catcher in the Rye at the Westerville Public Library

Is Holden there? Holden Caulfield?

Ground-floor cell phone stores in campus-adjacent High Street mixed-use developments

Who says all the rough edges are being buffed off of campus?

The Alive offices

Print media is desperate for new income streams.