Pride events catered to urban intersections of the LQBTQI community

Pride takes place this weekend, and this year there are several different events going on outside of the annual Columbus Pride Festival and Parade.

One of these events is the Community Pride celebration, which will be held Saturday, June 16, at Mayme Moore Park in the King-Lincoln neighborhood.

Created by BQIC (Black, Queer & Intersectional Columbus), an organization that represents queer people of color and their allies, Community Pride was conceived in direct response to the outrage members of the community felt toward Stonewall regarding its perceived treatment of the Black Pride 4 over the last year. The fest also prides itself on shying away from corporate sponsors in order to focus more on community as a whole.

“Community Pride aims to center queer, trans and intersex people of color (QTIPOC) and other marginalized communities; condemn all aspects of state-sanctioned violence, including but not limited to police brutality, the prison industrial complex, job insecurity, food insecurity, unfair working conditions and sexual assault; and support grassroots social justice work and community advocacy over money-hungry corporations,” BQIC co-founder Dkeama Alexis wrote in an email. “We're returning Pride to its radical, political legacy by centering, celebrating and educating about QTIPOC and the vibrant lives we live.”

There is also a series of events coming this weekend that cater to the urban intersection of the gay community. Sponsored and organized by Traxx Columbus, Pride Revolution consists of a trio of parties, including “Trap Hooka,” a day party at Avalon Nightclub, and the main event, held Friday at XO nightclub Downtown and featuring special guest Erica Mena from VH1's “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

On Saturday, Blvck Ice hosts “Pride Breaker” at Bullwinkles night club on campus. Blvck Ice will also be hosting a “My Vogue Life Vol. 2: Alternative Pride Mini Ball” later on that night, with events kicking off at 2:30 a.m. and running until early Sunday morning. The event features competitors in the local and statewide ballroom community battling it out on the runway and is definitely not to be missed. Find more information by visiting